An event that warmed hearts

On January 23rd 2016, an event was hosted at Madina Institute U.S.A, that our Usul-ud-Deen students were very much a part of. In this post, two of the students express in words and pictures what they experienced.


On a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon, Madina Institute was brimming with great conversation, openness and of course lots of laughter and food. The walls were covered with colorful and informative posters on different facets of Islam and Muslims. Booths lined these walls with activities such as Arabic calligraphy-where guests got their names written in the beautiful script, trying on a scarf or turban- parts of the Islamic attire, no questions off the table- where questions could be answered and curiosities could be quenched. The local ISB held a Q&A session, Islamic poetry was sung and a buffet of food representing the diversity within Islam was provided. The evening ended with the sunset prayer and beautiful conversations.
What was this fun-packed evening you might ask? It was the Atlanta-wide, Visit A Mosque Day! Mosques all across Atlanta and surrounding cities, welcomed guests to come, learn and experience what Islam is. Madina Institute was the Duluth location which opened its doors to over 200 people. The purpose of the Visit A Mosque Day was to open the doors to understanding, communication and connections. Thankfully this purpose and the many expectations were far surpassed by the event. The Muslim community and the greater Atlanta community benefited from new found understanding, friendship and a platform for beautiful and productive conversation. Guests and hosts alike commented on how wonderful the night was-- “the environment has been so welcoming and truly founded a relationship for openness” and “this experience really just solidified what I already knew about the kindness of Muslims”.
Needless to say, there was something overwhelmingly beautiful about the love and understanding that was fostered that evening, Everyone was already looking forward to the next open house event.

S.A and A.S