3 very deep posts by some of our Usul-ud-Din students.
We are all on a quest, searching for answers, for solutions. The answers are there, and so are the solutions. We just need to submit to Allah (swt), trust Him (swt), be close to Him (swt).


“Say (O Muhammad to mankind): "If you (really) love Allah, then follow me, Allah will love you, and He will forgive you for your sins. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.’’”

Love is the foundational corner stone of our faith. Without a sound foundation, we have nothing to build on. This ayah tests our love, and tells us that we will earn much more than what we sought in loving and following him ﷺ, for Allah ﷻ will love and forgive those who love and follow him ﷺ.

Breathe Love. Live Love. Be Love. Let the Power of Love overpower you.

May Allah ﷻ make us all among those whom He loves, and showers with His endless Grace and Mercy, and may He make us among those who love and follow His Messenger ﷺ selflessly and unconditionally. Ameen.

A.T, S.A (photo)

The Body & The Soul

Uncontrollable pain running through my body.
My body? How can I own something I can't even control. This body was made to belong to the world. It will soon perish deep into the earth.. Where I belong is where I shall return. The body will decay and all that will remain is the soul. And when the heart stops it will take with it all the sorrows of the world.. releasment of the soul..away from the intrappment of the world.
My master promised me heavenly gardens for the purity of my soul. There are those who choose to focus on the world. But what we will be held account for is the character of our soul. And for those who choose to taint their souls, the limbs of the body will testify against them on the day we meet with our Lord.
So let the focus be what the eyes don't necessarily see .. creating a false reality. The only reality is the returning of the soul to the owner of the worlds.


It is an interesting and beautiful experience.....reflecting on one's life.....thinking about how you thought your life would go.....thinking about the path you thought you would take.....the things you thought you would do.....and then realizing how much more beautiful God's plan for your life is than anything you ever planned for yourself.....AlHamdulillah! Allah is the Best of Planners.

"God's plan for our lives is exactly what we would choose for ourselves - if we could see His Big Picture"