Life is Beautiful

It is beautiful Fall season in Georgia. As the students admire the changing colors around them, they cannot help but, be awed by the Glory of their Creator. From new pets to popular tea hangouts, from assignments on paper, to personal reflections...change is everywhere. The students themselves are growing. As one of them said, "The light of ilm is surely leaving a mark" Subhan'Allah

Late Night Whisper

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I search for words that I cannot find
In an attempt to define this new reality of mine
Awake at an absolutely ridiculous hour
Affected by a dose of Sabri's tea-brewing power

I'm trapped in the path of an indulgent nafs
Seeking remnants from memories now long past
But I fail to muster any late-night clarity
Except heartfelt gratitude for my newborn family

How spectacular it is to share and care
To desire a departure from a world masked in despair
The light of 'ilm is surely leaving a mark
With the gloom of ignorance no longer frightfully dark

Though the path is visible, it has yet to be reached
All thoughts of old must now be breached
Only by Allah's grace can we tread the way
Beseeching His guidance all night and day

To You, ya Allah, belongs our certain return
The depths of which we've yet to discern
Forgive us and guide us to what we need
To be ambassadors of truth in both heart and deed,


In the midst of a week filled with stressful studying and amazing people passing away in commmunity, one day walking home after class we noticed a car stopped in the middle of the road and heard the cries of a kitten. Allhamdullilah, a sister was able to save the injured stray kitten and eventually one of our fellow students was able to adopt him <3


" Is it you who produced its tree, or are We the producer? " Waqiah:72


Battle scars



Know that what He enabled to come on your lips, was a sign He wanted to grant you it.


"Let them pardon and forgive. Do you not love that Allah should forgive you? And Allah is Al-Ghafuwr (the Most-Forgiving), Ar-Raheem (the most merciful." Sarah Noor, verse 22

If Allah Himself is forgiving, what rights do we have to judge and hold grudges? Likewise, who are we to put limits on these faculties when we need so much pardoning ourselves? Allah says (paraphrasing) if He treated our deeds like a tit-for-tat transaction there wouldn't be a single person left on this earth. Yet Allah is not a businessman, and doesn't need our reward or punishment. So let the lower egos and jinns banking on these semantic games know those truly reliant on His love have no concerns with these things, let alone other's misgivings.


Working on speaking only when what is being said is more Beautiful than silence. Thinking several times before doing or saying anything. I am already an introvert even though I can be extroverted but somehow I'm still saying Wow. Please make Duas for a sister.


"And they ask you concerning the mountains. Say, My lord will uproot them and scatter them as dust." [Surah Taha, 105]


Study hard and smile while you're at it. That's something I am learning throughout this experience. Things might be tough, you might cry or breakdown...but Allhamdullilah it's what builds you.


Men in Black


فاذكروني اذكركم

So remember Me. and I will remember you


Dedicated student vigorously heading to class


Start your journey to الله
Where to... Where from.. And why??
(Shaykh Muhammad an-Ninowy)