We Did It!!!

On Monday, June 13th 2016, in the blessed month of Ramadan, 21 students graduated from Madina Institute U.S.A with an Associates Degree in Islamic Studies. Such a joyous occasion MashaAllah!
Relive the night with the Class of 2016, through their pictures (formal, candid and selfies!).
Also, have a peek into the thoughts of a graduate as she reminisces about her year at Madina.


Here there is adventure,

Morning dews filled with sleepy eyes but anxious minds,

Evenings filled with thrilling conversation and remembrance.

Here there are beautifully strange acquaintances,

Differences of the best nature come to light in battles of questioning,

Tea time at all hours around a usual fridge brimming with intrigue.

Here there is family,

The warm embraces of our mothers and the pleasant smiles of our fathers,

Comforting eyes one finds the solace of this world.

Here there are sisters,

Bonds that resemble no other and love that will never fade,

Illumination through happiness and memories of memories.

Here there are teachers,

Consistent wisdom enrobed in information topped with realisation,

Kindness and generosity through the linking of mind and heart.

Knowledge of a degree only known to the hearts and wisdom the minds here understand.

Most importantly here is a home away from home, a place to call my own, people who are from me, and knowledge I crave still to seek.

Here is my Madina.